A Busy Month Ahead…

Broadcloth has an exciting month ahead of us, which I (Adam) am incredibly stoked for.

Next week, we’ll be strolling out to Boston on May 25th for a return to Outpost 186. Our set there last September was a real blast and we played for a small but dedicated crowd, and having all made a few connections in the city since then, we’re quite excited for our return. That date will feature some guest appearances by some locals in the Boston improv/new music scene, and we are always excited about collaboration.

Two days later, we’ll be heading down to Brooklyn for a show at I-Beam, on Friday, May 27th. We’ll be sharing the bill with a really unique and fabulous duo Architeuthis Walks on Land, consisting of Amy Cimini (viola) and Katie Young (bassoon). Their recent disc “Natura Naturans” has been getting great press, and I feel like their sound is quite sympathetic to ours. I’m really looking forward to that date.

Two days after that, Sunday, May 29th, we’ll be in New Haven performing at the mostly noise/punk venue Popeye’s Garage on a bill consisting of a good deal of improvised music. The bill will also feature guitarist Bill Nace collaborating with the Jookla Duo (sax and drums), hailing from Italy, as well as a Mittimus, a subgrouping of the Hat City Intuitive, an improv/jazz/noise collective. This is sure to be an excellent night of music in New Haven.

That weekend, we’ll be heading to Gowanus for a small show in a venue known as “The Home Of,” which will also feature a set by electronics artist and composer Sam Morrison, as well as a third set of collaborative improv with Sam and a few locals. Visit http://thehomeof.org for further details, including an address.

The following weekend, we’re glad to be hosting Prehistoric Horse in New Haven. That trio, featuring David Grollman on percussion, Valerie Kuehne on cello and Lucio Menegon on guitar, borders between free improv and harsh noise, and their sound is truly wonderful. The venue is the John Slade Ely house, and we’re pleased to announce that the show will be 100% free, so take this opportunity to coerce a friend or loved one into checking out some new music! (bring cash for merchandise and refreshments, which will be served.

Prehistoric Horse will be returning the favor by hosting us in Brooklyn on June 24th as part of cellist Kuehne’s Super Coda series, which that weekend will be dedicated to a weekend of cello music. Further details pending – and if you live in the Brooklyn area, and wish to support the Super Coda series as well as Café Orwell which hosts it, please consider checking out the Kickstarter campaign to support soundproofing the café here: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/827158541/keep-the-super-coda-living-through-creative-soundp

Finally, I’m also quite pleased to announce that Broadcloth has done one of two planned recording dates with Doug Slawin at St. Peter’s Episcopal in Milford, CT. The room has great, extremely flattering acoustics for our group, and we’re excited to be gearing up for a proper debut sometime soon. In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for the full audio of the Big Room set we’ll be releasing shortly…

Hope to see you out there soon!


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