In the Future…

All in all we’re feeling pretty good about ourselves, the Big Room show representing to us a culmination of a week’s worth of solidifying as a group, adapting some, and solidifying again. Consider our birth pangs to be over. We expect to put up select pieces of audio from the tour on Soundcloud and quite possibly a digital release of the Big Room show, a room that has flattered us with its acoustics before, evidenced by “Elastic” and “Selkirk’s Coronation” on the tour compilation, both recorded there last May.

Also, this week we’re on the New Haven Arts Council’s Media Lounge – find that link HERE

After the shows we announced for may, we have a few shows in the works for June as well – June 4th at a recently started Experimental Music series in Gowanus, Brooklyn (details TBA). June 10th, we’ll be hosting the trio Prehistoric Horse, a fierce, noisy improv trio of guitar, cello and percussion – again, details TBA. Later that month, they’ll return the favor and have us on cellist Valerie Kuehne’s Super Coda series either June 24th or 25th, details again TBA.

Stay tuned…


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