Thanks one and all who came out and helped make the past week of shows a true blast. Telegraph in New London, CT gave us a good chance to warm up for tour, giving us a chance to test out some of the ideas we’ve been working at a great deal since our last show in January. We had a great run of shows for our mini-tour, taking us to Philadelphia for a house show, Baltimore for a venue inspired by Twin Peaks and David Lynch called The Wind-Up Space, Lancaster, PA for an art exhibition, and Washington D.C. at Pyramid Atlantic for an experimental music series. Each show produced a slightly different feel, and the effect of playing four successive shows like that gave these compositions and improvisations a tremendous immediacy.

Coming up will be a show this Friday, April 8th at The Big Room in New Haven, CT. We’ll be doing two sets, one more focused toward recent compositions of ours including an excerpt of a chamber opera by Adam, a new embroidered piece by Anne, and some additional compositions by the three of us. The second set will be more focused towards improvisation. Show begins at 8PM, and tickets are $10. The address for The Big Room is 315 Peck St, New Haven, CT.

Later on, we’ll be returning to Outpost 186 in Cambridge, MA, on Wednesday, May 25th, and then Friday, May 27th we’ll play at IBeam with additional sets TBA. Details on those forthcoming.

We made recordings of most of our performances from the tour, so excerpts will be uploaded at some point soon.

Finally, we should be solidifying plans to record our first full length soon. We’ve all gotten extremely busy somehow over the next several weeks so our plans to tack the recording on at the end of tour has unfortunately had to be scrapped. Suffice to say that we’ve got enough material circulating in the complete or “near-done” phase that we should be able to effectively keep the momentum working for us.

Momentum...or caffeine?


P.S. Thurber Carnival.

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