The Official Hello

Hello and welcome to, the official web home of the free improvisation and new music trio Broadcloth. The site is intended to be a catchall place for all the miscellaneous info of the group kicking around on the net – in the blogs of each of its members, and variously on Facebook, Myspace and Bandcamp. So the theme here is just to unify that effort as much as possible.

Please check out the Performances tab for info on our upcoming shows, including a small mid-Atlantic tour (so-called) that will take us down to DC and back within 4 days. Check out our Music page for a preview of the upcoming Tour Compilation, which will be available in hard copies only at the various stops on the tour. Each hard copy will be hand made and assembled. Upon returning from tour the whole compilation will be posted online for free/P.W.Y.C.

Our About page will feature the latest bios of the group members, our Videos page which rounds up some of the various documentation we’ve been lucky enough to round up through various performances, and our Links page will be the great dispersal for artists we appreciate, have played with, recommend, etc.

Finally, this main page will serve as a blog of sorts, updating on the progress of recording, performances, composition and collaboration, all of which we are hoping to continue to make an active part of the existence of this group.



One response to “The Official Hello

  • Dot Nielson

    I am the Dj for the show listed in the website space. My Fellow dj said that I would LOVE you and that you would like to come for an interview. Please look me up on FB and we can chat and decide if this is something that we want to do. I am always looking for good music to promote and have on my Show . I loom forward to talking to you soon. All for the Love of Music; Gramma Dot

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